Community Outreach Programs

Child Care Council

 We work very closely with the Child Care Council in many different programs. We accept subsidized child care funding offered to low income families who need help paying for childcare.

The Child Care Council asked our school to be a part of a Channel 7 New Segment about programs offered through the Child Care Council. 

Inclusion program and Child Care Solutions

We also work with the Inclusion Project as well as We Care’s Child Care Solutions to assists children with special needs.

Prevent Blindess Northern California

Volunteers play the “Eye Game” with the children, which is a fun term for the acuity test. The acuity test measures the distance vision of each child with a vision chart. After the screening the volunteers send the parents a letter explaining child’s results. They also provide a referral packet for any child who displays symptoms of an eye problem or did not pass the acuity test.

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