Turtle Class

Turtle Class

Two/Three Year Old Class

The Turtle class are very warm and inviting. These classes are set up to be age appropriate. Although the Turtle class is structured and follow a yearly curriculum, there is always time for free play and being silly.

The children are “playing” for part of class time, yet they are still learning, as children are active learners. Everything we do is helping to shape the children  into early learners while exercising their fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional skills and cognitive development.

Each child is unique, so the teacher adjusts his/her curriculum to meet the needs of the children.  

There a few three year old classes. Each class may be set up differently and have teachers with different teaching styles,  but each class is required to follow the same expectations to meet the needs of the children.

Two/Three Year Old Classroom Expectations

Children develop at different rates.
The following list presents basic skills and concepts that will help children get ready for school. 

Social Skills

The children will learn to:
· Share with others
· Develop patience
· Listen to others
· Engage in play with other children
· Attend to an activity for a period of time
· Complete an activity
· Look forward to going to school

Pre-Reading Skills

The children will learn to:
· Recognize of own name
· Recognize of letters in own name (upper case)
· Identify basic colors, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple

Math Skills 

The children will learn to:
· Identify basic shapes: square, triangle, circle, diamond, heart, and rectangle
· Recognize opposites: up/down, in/out, low/high, forward/back, left/right
· Group/Sort objects by category (animals, foods)
· Counting 1-10
· Recognize numbers 1-10
· Complete simple puzzles

Science Skills

The children will learn to:
· Identify basic body parts
· Basic sounds

Listening Skills

The children will learn to:
· Sit at a short circle time
· Lengthen their attention span
· Follow two step related directions

Language Skills

The children will learn to:
· Understand negatives
· Understand positional concepts (on, in, out)
· Talk about past events, or objects out of view
· Articulate clearly, and be understood 80% of time
· Express their wants and needs

Pre-Writing Skills

The children will learn to:
· Color within the lines
· Trace letters, numbers and shapes
· Begin to draw simple shapes
· Draw beyond a simple scribble
· Cut paper with little assistance
· Control a pencil or crayons with a pinch

Fine Motor Skills 

The children will learn to:
· String beads within 10 seconds
· Roll clay into a ball

Large Motor Skills

The children will learn to:
· Catch balls with body
· Walk up and down stairs with alternating feet
· Run 10 feet without falling or bumping into objects

Music  Skills

The children will learn to:
· Participate in basic singing of songs
· Participate in music and movement

Self Help Skills

The children will learn to:
· Clean up after self
· Dress self: put on shirt, pants, socks, pull up or underwear
· Feed self: use utensils correctly
· Improve skills in separation and independence
· Button large buttons
· Zip a jacket zipper
· Use the restroom with little or no help
· Wash hands without assistance
· Pour liquids from a small pitcher