Duckling Class

Duckling Class

 The Duckling Class is for children between the ages of 24 months to 36 months old. At this age, little ones are starting to learn about their own independence as well as becoming interested in others around them. Our environment is designed to support areas of social, physical, emotional and language development. We foster skill development by providing engaging surroundings that encourage independent hands-on exploration and social interaction balanced with supportive teacher guidance.

We encourage learning and exploration through play-based teaching. The classroom is arranged by learning areas, and the curriculum is designed so that each child can participate at his/her own level of development. Songs, books, music, art, blocks, manipulatives, science, dramatic play, and circle-time are all activities that encourage growth and development and can be experienced in the Duckling Class.

Our daily schedule from 9:30am to 12 noon is as follows: Bathroom break and Hand-washing, Snack, Circle-time (Except on Chapel Days), Free Choice Activity Time, Clean-up, Outside Free Choice Activity Time.

Two Year Old Classroom Expectations

Children develop at different rates.
The following list presents basic skills and concepts that will help children get ready for school. 

Social and Emotional Skills 

The children will learn to:
· Show concern for what’s around them
· Accept and respond to teacher’s authority
· Show interest in playing and sharing with others
· Show self confidence
· Control their feelings

Fine Motor Skills 

The children will learn to:
· Hold the crayon in a pinching form (not grasping)
· Use scissors
· Hold different size paint brushes
· Use glue materials
· Correctly put simple puzzles together
· Thread breads of variety of shapes and sizes
· Color with a scribble method
· Draw basic lines
· Draw large circles

Gross Motor Skills 

The children will learn to:
· Walk (forward and backward)
· Walk up/down stairs
· Jump in place with both feet
· Balance on:  Right foot/ Left foot
· Hop on: one foot /Two feet
· Throw a ball forward
· Kick a ball forward

Reading Readiness 

The children will learn to:
· Identify own name
· Identify basic colors, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple

Math Skills

The children will learn to:
· Identify basic shapes: square, triangle, circle, diamond, heart, and rectangle

Science Skills

The children will learn to:
· Identify basic body parts
· Basic sounds

Listening Skills

The children will learn to:
· Sit at a short circle time
· Lengthen attention span
· Talk about what they heard in a story 

 Music Skills 

The children will learn to:
· Participate in basic singing of songs
· Participate in music and movement

Self Help Skills

The children will learn to:
· Clean up after self
· Dress self: put on shirt, pants, socks, pull up or underwear
· Feed self